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The Stay Creative Podcast

Chris T-Rex Reeves

The Stay Creative podcast is a podcast with a dual purpose. First and foremost it celebrates, promotes, and highlights the artists I meet in my time exploring independent music. There are so many talented folks going under-discovered that I feel the artist and the audience will both benefit from a little time being given to talk with them about what makes their art, process, and unique soul one of a kind. The 2nd mission of this project is to speak with artists about creativity as a uniquely human attribute. Often I have met people who tell me "I wish I could make music" or "I could never be an artist" because they believe they should go from 0 to 100 as soon as they try. By speaking to an artist still in the early stages of their widespread discovery listeners are invited into the discipline, passion, and individual edges artist use to discover their sound. Nobody starts "good" at art, but we are all born creative, the show will help the listeners trace the steps the interviewed artists took to connect the two.

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